Expert Handyman Services

Welcome to Bloemfontein Handyman. Your expert in Handyman Services & Renovations

Our Pledge

We pledge to render a Personal Service, meaning that we are personally involved with all the work and do not rely on unskilled workers to perform the major tasks while we charge for professional services.

We believe in Honesty, using Quality Materials, and most of all actually Finishing of Tasks that we undertake.

Your Mission

Your greatest mission is to find an exceptional handyman of quality and integrity, this in itself is an art.

But, look no further because you have just found what you were looking for.

Remember also that simply selecting the cheapest person from a list does not ensure you get the best. Click here to see what I mean.

Nothing lasts forever, things wear, things break, the sooner they are fixed or maintained the better for the general well being of all the people and other fixtures!


* Laminating floors
* Paving
* Bathrooms & kitchens
* Painting
* Tiling
* Hanging of doors
* Waterproofing
* Car ports
* Security gates & Bars
* Aluminium Doors
* Fencing
* Roofing
* Any other Handyman related tasks.

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